NOV 24, 2020


New week, new menu, new opening hours!

Luckily we’ve never been consistent enough for you to actually know when we were open anyway. With busier evenings again, we’ll be scrapping breakfast for the time being so we can focus on getting the upstairs OG bar up and running again, rather than having to turn you away each night. Plus Marco has never managed to make a morning shift on time anyway. So from tomorrow we’ll be back open from 12-10pm Wednesdays - Sunday.

Stout Can Chicken - jerk salsa, crispy yeast, black rice & pea cakes 🐓

Pan-fried Halibut - paneer, cockles, winter ragu 🐠

Vegan Mac n Cheese Bites, truffle & herb crumb, chilli & red pepper jam 🌱

Super excited to smash this stout can chicken down our faces. If you don’t know what beer can chicken is, we literally crack open a tinny, stick it up the chickens butt hole and roast it, wonderfully steaming the inside of the chicken with beer. Banging. What’s even better is that we’ve bought some Stay Puft marshmallow porter from local(ish) heroes @tinyrebelbrewco to do it with. Provided chef @garylapantaco doesn’t drink them all first while blasting out Newport State of Mind.

Tidy 🤘see you tomorrow from midday.

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