MAY 19, 2021


The Boys Are Back In Town!

Sorry it’s a little late again pals. We had a big one last night celebrating the reopening of venues and got to check out all our venue pals new cocktail menus. Sorry if we were a bit messy last night @thedeadcanary @pennyroyalcardiff @lab22cardiff . All your menus bang hard.

Here’s our first menu for indoor dining tomorrow. Indoor dining! Who’d have thought. What a bloody treat.

New tacos, new cocktails, new sides! Don’t worry, it’ll still be the same old panties. With the same old bellends telling you to sit down and not mingle with other tables. The same government restrictions apply. 6 people are allowed per table, and we will be doing track and trace. You will be required to wear a mask whilst in the venue except at your tables. As always, we won’t be taking bookings. Walk ins only pals. We will still be offering takeaway if you’re not able to get a table.

We’re super excited to get you pals back inside our venue. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to party all the time with you lot. If we’re a bit out of practice, be patient with us. If the service is slow, chill out. It’s been a while for us too.

Big Love
We Made It
See Ya Tomorrow

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