MAY 11, 2021

New Menu!

This weeks new menu coming at ya! Sorry it’s late pals. We had a long lunch @thebotanistuk and @thelibertinecardiff so we’re a bit behind. What’s new ei. Thought we’d give you a weird video as an apology.

So we’ve got ;

Cape Verde Feijoada, Frijoles, Casava Parmentier, Bacon Lardons

Ginger Beer Tempura Cod, Ackee Tartare, Lime & Cinnamon Grilled Mango

Jollof Rice Arancini, Confit Spring Onion Purée, Heritage Tomatoes, Burnt Coconut

In the slush machine we’ve got the ever present Lagerita and we’ve really sold out and done a bubblegum margarita. We’re sorry. Open 12-10 for the rest of the week. Come down and ask @joshrobss if he’s enjoying his new role as General Manager.

Big Love
Sleep Is Overated

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