JUL 6, 2021

New Menu!

New week, new tacos, new cocktails, new filth. Same old bellends chatting the same old shit, but somehow you all keep coming back. We love you. Don’t change.

Back open from 12 tomorrow. Come down, bring us cans, have a party.

Duck Carnitas, Confit Spiced Pear, Applewood Fondue, Candy Beetroot Crisps 🦆

Smoked Mackerel, Pickled Gooseberries, Grapefruit & Honeydew Salsa 🐟

Aubergine Parma, Vegan Mozarella, Roquito Arrabiatta, Sweet Potato Rosti, Garlic & Herb Breadcrumb 🍆

Big Love
Quack Quack Quack

#prayforpanties #tacos #mezcal