APR 27, 2021


New menu!!!

Sorry it’s so late going up pals. But here’s our new menu for the coming week. Going live tomorrow at 12.

Fried Chicken & Waffles, Bacon Bits, Sweet Tea Maple Dressing

Rainbow Trout, Wild Garlic Miso, Charred Asparagus

Khao Soi & Crispy Noodles, Thai Green Curry Marinated Tofu, Pak Choi, Pickled Shallots

What an absolute belter that is. Getting leathered during the outside hospitality reopening definitely got the creative juices flowing. If you’ve got a spare few minutes, there’s a cracking video on @walesonline of @hoopersbloopers @chefgary_ and @joeylapantera talking about how great it is to be drinking in bars again.

The reason we are so late with the post today is due to the fact that unfortunately we got broken into last night. For all the thousands of lovely people out there, there’s always a few absolute twats. There we are, we move on. Big up to our pals from @newyorkdelicardiff @bubsbarcardiff and everyone else that messaged us this morning to let us know about this. You’re all bloody heroes. To the absolute rotter that felt the need to kick our window in, we hope you felt stupid upon realising that we’ve been card only for a while now. Wanker.

Extended opening hours this week remember pals. Wednesday - Sunday 12-10.

Big Love
Never Liked That Door Anyway

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